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Always get a quote

1 April, 2009 (4:38pm) | Blog

So, I’ve had my brothers car for a while and I’ve sort of been in charge of getting it fixed. Anyway, I called up a towing company and talked to them about coming to get the car and take it to the mechanic place thing. During the convo, I asked about how much it would cost, and they told me $76.50. What the crap, why are tow trucks so friggin expensive? I mean, come on! But wait, it gets better. The dude finally showed up and looked at the car for a bit, after which he told me it was going to be $130, or something like that. I’m like… “uhh… what?” I told him that they had quoted me $70-something, and he knew right away that they had said $76.50. And he said he would go with what they quoted me. It was weird, cause he totally already knew what price they had quoted me on the phone. It was almost like he was just trying to see if he could get away charging me more. So… just so you all know, always get a quote beforehand, just in case it’s cheaper.

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