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Month: March, 2009

Excuses and Updates

31 March, 2009 (4:10pm) | Blog | 4 comments

So, the plan was, once I got my new laptop I’d be all about posting and updating all the time, but obviously I totally haven’t been posting. So, I’m not going to make any sort of promise that I’ll be updating any time soon, but I AM going to be thinking about it. That counts for something, right? Anyway, here’s a little bit of an update on what’s been going on in my life…

My best friend and I are making a movie. It’s called I’m On Fire and it’s about a crazy homeless dude who suffers from hallucinations.

Also, my band, Armada, is getting ready to release our first album, the Octephant. Plu, our first show is coming up on Mothers Day in Alba Park. So, if you live in, or around Medford, OR, you should totally come to our concert!

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