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Month: January, 2009

Moving Again

14 January, 2009 (11:21pm) | Blog | 4 comments

I’m moving again this weekend. I know I just moved last month, but my roommates lease is up and they want a new place, so I’m moving with them. Our new house is amazing. My favorite part is that it has a deck on the second floor. Also, it has walk-in closets and each room has its own bathroom. Yeeaayah!

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Sweet Deliciousness!

12 January, 2009 (12:34pm) | Blog | 1 comment

So, at the coffee shop I work at, we have this protien powder stuff for blended drinks. It makes them taste distgusting, so I don’t know why we have it. I realized the other day that adding a banana to the drink helps mask the taste of the powder. So does peanut butter. The result? I just invented the best semi-healthy drink I’ve ever had in my life. A peanut butter and banana smoothie. Mmmm, boy!

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I totaled my car…

3 January, 2009 (1:30am) | Blog | 2 comments

Yeah. Psh… that’s right. My 1984 Honda Accord, nicknamed, “the Tank” for surviving a nose dive off a cliff unscathed, rear ended my 1970 Plymouth Valiant, nicknamed Jonathan. The Tank was completely totaled, but Jonathan survived with nothing more than a… um… well, actually nothing. Jonathan doesn’t have a scratch. Maybe I should switch my cars names…

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