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I kinda suck

13 August, 2008 (9:29am) | Blog

Dear Internet,

I haven’t really been posting all too much lately, and for that I apologize. For the next few days I will be pretty busy at work trying to launch a couple different projects, so I may not have that much time to dink around on the ‘net. I’m just sayin’. Hopefully, I will be back to full force blogging in a couple days. I mostly just wanted to let you know that I didn’t like, DIE and all…

I love you,


Comment from The Internet
Time: 13 August 2008, 11:25 am

I love you too, Michael.

Comment from Jenn
Time: 13 August 2008, 1:37 pm

So I talked it over with the web and we decided to forgive you.

P.S. I think I gave you an award. If I didn’t, ignore this :P

Comment from seven
Time: 13 August 2008, 3:01 pm

It’s okay… I suck too. Last post: 6 days ago and counting.

Comment from seven
Time: 13 August 2008, 3:02 pm

Also, I lied. It’s been 7 days.

Comment from the ex
Time: 13 August 2008, 4:16 pm

Yeah, Jenn and I and the internet all discussed it and you’re forgiven but don’t do it again! Love you too!

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