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Date: August 16th, 2008

I know what you did last night…

16 August, 2008 (1:57pm) | Blog | 1 comment

Actually, that’s a lie. I have absolutely no idea. But for only $99.99 you can own your own copy of knowing what I did last night!! Actually that’s also a lie. I’ll just tell you for free. But if you want to pay me, I accept PayPal! (Sorry, I had to.)

Anyway, last night Oh My Seven, Grace, and I went over to Brent and Tam’s house and hung out with them and their kids, Kass, and Kota. Mostly, we just sat around and felt awkward. No, just kidding, what is it with me? I’m turning into a compulsive liar! AAAHH!!! But, yeah, we had a blast. At first we got there and it actually was a teeny bit awkward, you know… “Hey… I already know you… except, wait… no I don’t, cause we’ve never met. But we’re friends… is there a certain way I’m supposed to act?” But once dinner rolled around we were all chatting like old friends. If you want a taste of out conversations, just subscribe to us on twitter. It was basically that, but without the delay. And, no auto-spellcheck.

Once dinner was over we headed towards their pool, but Brent and I got sidetracked talking about the internet. We were talking about this cool flash image rotator that BRENT STILL NEEDS TO EMAIL ME THE LINK FOR! (*cough-cough-hint-ahem-ahem*)

Pretty soon, I found myself in the pool, racing people half my size and losing. WTPB? Losing? I’m, like all big and everything! I should be able to waste them! Seriously, guys! This is why I workout all day (that’s a lie)!

There is one thing that my being big helped me with. Chicken Wars. That’s the game where four people get together and one gets on the others shoulders and tries to knock the other team over. Kota and I wasted (meaning, we wasted them. Not we got wasted. Just to be clear…).

After all that we all dried off and headed inside to jam on the guitars, try to figure out a Foo Fighters song, and surf YouTube for several hours. (This video is insane!)

And… um… then, we left…

I’m pretty sure someone has pictures.

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