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What a Weekend!

21 July, 2008 (10:38am) | Blog

So much happened to me this weekend! If you read my sisters blog, you know our brother is now a daddy, and I’m an uncle. (*sigh*). Micaiah Ann was born at 6:44pm on July 18th. She was 9 pounds even, and 23-1/2 inches [EDIT: 21-3/4 inches] long. Click here for pictures.

Also, I went camping over the weekend, and crashed my car. Note to self: Don’t ever drift around corners again.

I’ll post the full story when I get pictures.

Later that day, my sister called me to let me know that the same state trooper that pulled me over the other day pulled her over and asked if she was related to a Michael. He said that our family has lost the good grace of the state of Oregon, and if we get pulled over again, we’re hosed.

I drive safe now.

(Tune in tomorrow to read my very own 40 Day Fast blog post!!)


Comment from seven
Time: 21 July 2008, 10:58 am

Seriously. He’s all, “You’d better tell all your siblings when you get home that if I pull one of you over again, I’m going to throw the book at you.” It was pretty funny, in a “Lame, my family has a crappy reputation with the Oregon State Police kind of way. I laughed when the state trooper left. Hosed is a funny word.

Comment from seven
Time: 21 July 2008, 10:59 am

Oh, and also I found out that I was wrong about the length of Micaiah. She was actually 21-3/4 inches long, not 23-1/2. Anywhoo…

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