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Month: July, 2008

Me and the Blogosphere

2 July, 2008 (9:27am) | Blog | 3 comments

So, here’s the Blogosphere, over here. Say hello, B-dog! (silence). That Blogosphere! He’s always ignoring me! Silly, silly, Blogosphere… Anyhoo, that’s the Blogosphere over there all calm and collected. You look at him, and he just makes sense. No chaos, no crazyness. He’s tilted a bit, but aren’t we all? Well, there he is, and over here is the corner taking up all the empty space that no one else would touch with a 14’37″ stick… is me. Me, in all my blogging splendor. Me, the mess of words that utters no coherent phrase twice. If only I could dance…

P.S. Wordle is Rawesome! Thanks to Oh My Seven and Rachskirts for hooking me on it! I now have a link in my sidebar to the other Wordles I’ve made.

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I forgot how to blog

1 July, 2008 (10:21am) | Blog | 2 comments

Lately, I have been coming to my blog, logging in, navigating over to the Write Post page, and sitting there (well, here), for five minutes and then leaving. I can’t think of anything to write about! It’s freaking annoying. How do you do it, oh wonderful blogosphere? How do you contact the muse at will and pull out those little gems of Awesome that are called posts? Is there a phrase I need to utter? Or perhaps a dance? I hope not, cause I suck at dancing. Although I want to learn someday.. maybe swing.. swing looks like loads of fun. Maybe if I took dance lessons, it would make me a better blogger! Hmm.. I must ponder that…

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