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Multple Choice Friday

27 June, 2008 (9:41am) | Multiple Choice Friday

Some people have a certain type of movies that they like, and some that they don’t. I, personally, don’t have a preference, so long as it’s a good movie. Action, comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror. They’re all good. But what about you? Is there one genre of movies that you like more than others?

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EDIT: Added Romantic Comedy.


Comment from Gretch-a-sketch
Time: 27 June 2008, 10:16 am

I picked all, because the best movies have elements of all of those to them. Also, no rom-com cateogry? :)

Comment from Michael
Time: 27 June 2008, 10:19 am

Woops, my bad.. Added.

Comment from seven
Time: 28 June 2008, 2:29 am

I love kids’ movies too… Little Rascals, Emperor’s New Groove, The Kid… you know.

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