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Why not just sit in the oven for three months?

8 May, 2008 (6:53pm) | Blog

It would seem that summer has officially started. It’s only hitting around 70 degrees, but I’m sweating more water than I am drinking. I give it about three weeks before I turn into a raisin.

The worst part about this is that this is only the beginning! Normal summers here generally tay in the 100 degree range. I know what some of you are thinking.. “I love summer! I love basking in the blazing sun and scorching the skin off my face! I love having to take a shower right after getting out of the shower! That’s my favorite! How on earth can you not like summer?!”

Read the above paragraph again. That’s why.


Comment from Rhonda
Time: 13 May 2008, 10:20 am

We have already had 90 degree days, so be glad you don’t live in Texas!

Comment from lfar
Time: 14 May 2008, 11:09 am

No way! I love the heat. I love running at noon on a July Saturday. I don’t mind being sweaty and my hair is frizzy year round, so heat evens the playing field. I’d take 12 months of summer, definitely.

Comment from Anna
Time: 15 May 2008, 7:10 am

Haha… it’s good for me to think of reasons I don’t like summer, because it’s all too short here!

Comment from Selica
Time: 15 May 2008, 4:36 pm


I just stumbled upon your blog and while my first instinct is to lurk I just have to say I completely feel you on disliking summer weather. Frankly the best summers I’ve ever had were in San Francisco. And that’s because they felt like winter.

Comment from Michael
Time: 15 May 2008, 4:39 pm

Hey thanks for stopping by! You are totally my favorite person right now.

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