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Morning Coffee Hell

17 May, 2008 (11:10am) | Blog

I made coffee this morning. That sentence looks weird because I always make coffee. Anyway, the difference is, this time I forgot about it. And our house burnt down!


Psych!! I’m totally lying. Our house is fine. However, my coffee was not as hot as it should be. AND, the creamer was frozen. WTPB? Frozen? How does creamer get frozen? It was in the door of the fridge and it got frozen! When I went to pour it in my coffee and realized that it was frozen, I stopped mid-pour (well.. mid-pre-pour, I guess.. I hadn’t started pouring it yet) and stood there for about three minutes trying to figure out if I was still asleep. Come on! I already had not-so-very-hot-as-before coffee, and now I had to ice the stuff, for crying out loud!
Then I noticed the microwave. I think I got sick to my stomach, because I knew I would have to microwave it.

Begin Creamer Pourage.

Decide To Start Cold Coffee Hate Group On Facebook.

Sip Coffee.

Hold on! It’s hot! I was totally convinced that I would be drinking room temperature coffee today. I’m so happy! Oh, wait. I know why it was still hot. It’s gonna be a freaking hundred degrees today!

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