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Date: April 15th, 2008

Why I want to visit Italy

15 April, 2008 (2:40pm) | Blog | 6 comments

In Southern Oregon, there is a lot of coffee shops. Seriously, every street corner has a drive through espresso shop. It’s kinda ridiculous. That wouldn’t be so bad if the coffee tasted good (to be more specific, that would be heaven) but it doesn’t. It tastes like someone got dirt and espresso grounds mixed up and attempted to make a Starbucks version of a classic 10 year old prank.

<Rabbit Trail>

When I was a little boy (not yesterday.. the day before) we used to play outside behind our pool. The ground there was pure dirt, and we would spend the day digging ditches and making mud sculptures. One day we decided to pull a variation to the classic “pee-in-a-cup-and-try-to-sell-it-on-the-street-corner-as-lemonade” gag using mud water as hot chocolate.

</Rabbit Trail>

And now, on with the post.

These “coffee” shops gained their popularity, not through great coffee, but through skanky baristas.

Pardon me while I hurl.

Okay, where was I…? Oh yes. Skanky baristas and mud-water coffee. Granted there are a few good coffee shops, but those are few and far between. The best moments of my life (at least the coffee drinking parts, which is most of it) are spent in Portland at Stumptown. If you enjoy good coffee and are ever in that section of the world, look them up.


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