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Date: February 23rd, 2008

Buttons and Screws

23 February, 2008 (10:59pm) | Blog | No comments

Have you ever noticed how much our life revolves around little things? Take a look at your morning routine..

8:20 – wake up and put on glasses*
8:21 – take out retainer*
8:22 – put toothpaste* on my toothbrush* and brush my teeth*
8:24 – take my wallet* keys* phone* guitar picks* out of the pockets* my jeans from yesterday and put them in my current jeans.
8:25 – forget where my shoes* are.
8:27 – find my shoes*
8:28 – start car** (with car keys*)
8:29 – go to work

We never really pay attention to things like that until they are lost, or stop working. The screws* is my glasses* that keep the lenses* in have started coming lose rather regularly, and every once in a while they will pop out. Lord save me if it happens in a carpeted room**. I then have to spend an hour of my (now blind) life hunting for a screw* that I would have trouble seeing with my glasses* on.

One of these days I will get new glasses**.

*a little thing
**not a little thing

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