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Month: February, 2008

Well, it did.

25 February, 2008 (11:10am) | Blog | 1 comment

Where I live, the art scene is very sparse. And, by “sparse” I mean “the general public here would rather burn slowly in hell for all eternity than subject themselves to such torture as sitting through a movie like 12 Angry Men or Koyaanisqatsi and complained that Michael Clayton didn’t have a plot”.

A perfect example of this is when No Country For Old Men came out. I went to see it with my brother, and (surprise, surprise) Our local theater was showing it in theater 5. Theater 5 is the one where they move all the movies to that they have to keep showing, but nobody is going to see them. Really, I’m more surprised that it was showing in our town at all than that nobody wanted to see it.

Back on topic.. my brother an I were two of maybe 10 people in the whole theater watching the movie, and everyone else that was there was talking through the movie exclaiming how much they didn’t get what was going on. When the movie was over I was sitting there reeling from the magnificence of what I just saw when somebody mentioned “That movie was so weird. It made no sense.” the reply from another movie goer was “Yeah, it’ll probably win best picture.. hahaha!!

Need I say more?

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Buttons and Screws

23 February, 2008 (10:59pm) | Blog | No comments

Have you ever noticed how much our life revolves around little things? Take a look at your morning routine..

8:20 – wake up and put on glasses*
8:21 – take out retainer*
8:22 – put toothpaste* on my toothbrush* and brush my teeth*
8:24 – take my wallet* keys* phone* guitar picks* out of the pockets* my jeans from yesterday and put them in my current jeans.
8:25 – forget where my shoes* are.
8:27 – find my shoes*
8:28 – start car** (with car keys*)
8:29 – go to work

We never really pay attention to things like that until they are lost, or stop working. The screws* is my glasses* that keep the lenses* in have started coming lose rather regularly, and every once in a while they will pop out. Lord save me if it happens in a carpeted room**. I then have to spend an hour of my (now blind) life hunting for a screw* that I would have trouble seeing with my glasses* on.

One of these days I will get new glasses**.

*a little thing
**not a little thing

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