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The Sad Story Of Dave The Being And His Happy Little Airplane Friend

23 October, 2007 (10:59am) | Blog

High up in the stratosphere, there lurks the being Dave. He has been sitting up there observing our radio and television broadcasts for a long time, and has learned many things from us. Unfortunately, his language of choice is Armenian, though he knows most of the other languages. Drifting lazily on an updraft one day, Dave saw an airplane.
“(Whatever the Armenian is for ‘Oh, look! An airplane!’)”, he said.
“Well, hello there, Dave!” the airplane answered in English (all the airplanes had gotten to know Dave very well through the course of his stay in the earth’s stratosphere, but none of them spoke Armenian), “How are you?”
“I couldn’t be better. Where are you headed on a fine day like this?”
“I’m headed for Chili!”
“Oh, dear, that is quite a long ways away! Are you going to take any breaks in between?”
“No, in fact, and I am quite tired right here. By the time I get there I shall be thoroughly exhausted!”
“That’s too bad”, said Dave sorrowfully. Suddenly, he had a flash of insight, “Oh, Airplane! I am just sitting down for tea. Why don’t you join me and recover your strength?”
“Why, that is a splendid idea, Dave!” the airplane said. He halted in midair and straight away fell out of the sky to his death. For every one knows that airplanes can only stay in the air as long as they are moving.

Moral: Never trust a being named Dave that speaks Armenian and floats around in the sky.

The end.

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